Release Note for Android Layar v6.1

New Features:

  • Directly Access Scan View via improved app navigation
  • Starts on scan screen so that user can start scanning without searching for the "scan" button
  • Directly goes to ARView if only one result is found via Scan
  • Tap to View: tap anywhere on the screen to initiate scan
  • Pretty new blue bar
  • Replace device ID (UDID on iphone or IMEI on Android) with uniquely generated UUID

Fixed issues:

  • layar intent name check is not working properly in some cases. (MAIN-3939)
  • Layar crashes with "out of memory" in some cases. (MAIN-4114)
  • Unable to close layer if "Replace filter" and "show filters before loading layer" are enabled (MAIN-4125)
  • Youtube links load blank page on some phones (MAIN-4132)
  • Web view: embedded video/audio does not stop playing after quitting the web view. (MAIN-4181)
  • BIW does not appear in the map view after refresh when "inFocus=true" (MAIN-4266)
  • Distance value should not be shown on Vision POI BIWs. (MAIN-4178)
  • Purchased layer can not be launched from layer details screen. (MAIN-4119)
  • AR view is displayed incorrectly, if user opens layer via "application/vnd.layar.async" action (MAIN-4113)
  • Featured list only contains 10 layers with no way to load more. (MAIN-4101)
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