Release Note for Android Layar v6.2

On 27th March 2012, we released Layar v6.2 to the Android platform.

Highlights of this release:

  • AR Video: Streaming Video in Camera Mode on dual core phones. (Please check out API v6.2 preview to learn how to include AR video in a vision layer)
  • Improved handling of Video on single core phones.
  • Improved Layar Maintenance messaging
  • Bug Fixes, including more responsive augments and better tracking.

  Fixed bugs:

  • icon display in the map view. Only CIW icons need to be used in the map view. (MAIN-4550)
  • camera freezes when user returns to AR view after playing action n landscape mode. (Galaxy S2) (MAIN-4680)

Known issues list can be found at

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