Release Note for iPhone Layar v6.2.1

In this small update, we have made the following changes: 

  •  layarshare intent: Sharing screenshot or message on POI and layer level on Facebook. This has been unclear for a while and we have updated the documentation to get it right. 
  • Added support for external links (to 3rd party apps like App Store) in webviews. This also fixes the issue of redirecting to the App Store from a weblink.

The following bugs are also fixed:

  • Vision tip is misplaced in AR view when device is in landscape mode.(MAIN-4656)
  • http iTunes link causes the app to crash. (MAIN-4687)
  • iphone client crashes when error code 30 is sent back. (MAIN-4700)
  •  "Refresh" button is misplaced in AR view, when device in landscape mode. (MAIN-4642)
  • Removed highlighting of augments that don't have an action (or BIW) associated with them.
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