Release Note for Android Layar v6.2.4

In this bug fixing release, we have resolved the following issues:

  • Set cookies are not sent. (MAIN-4907)
  • Launching "URL for layer settings" page crashes layar app on devices that do not run icecream sandwich. (MAIN-4908)
  • Compensate for magnetic declination of the compass not working (MAIN-4910)
  • Youtube video in or format will start twice. (MAIN-4889)
  • "alt" field is ignored for geo layers. (MAIN-4942)
  • CIW icons are not displayed in map view (MAIN-4698)
  • Image icon sorting issue in list view (MAIN-4881)
  • Auto focus on certain devices (samsung galaxy S II, HTC One X, Nexus S) does not work properly. This results in not being able to return visual search results. (MAIN-4915)
  • Scan does not show more than 10 results (MAIN-4940) 

Thank you very much for your patience!

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