Release Note for iPhone Layar v7.0.1

This is a bug fixing release which has resolved the following issues:


Vision Layers:

actions attached to Vision POIs are ignored(MAIN-5212)

- For Vision layers implemented based on API v7.0 (API v6.2) : actions attached to Vision POIs are ignored (MAIN-5212)

- Any call action and an action that launches a vision layer are not working (MAIN-5213)

- App crashes when going to Vision Tips and clicking Okay(MAIN-5385)

- Nothing happens when trying to open geo layer via vision (intent) (MAIN-5211)

- Sharing screenshot on POI level is not working properly (MAIN-5345)


- layar:// intents to geo layers don't work when triggered in webviews inside vision layers(MAIN-5361)


- OnDelete animation is not triggered (MAIN-5373)


- Interface rotation doesn't work anymore after trying to rotate when playing a YouTube video in a webview (MAIN-5361)


Geo Layers:


-Crash when showDialog appears during sharing to facebook/twitter (MAIN-5231)

- Launching geo layer from external applications using layar intent is not working properly(MAIN-5216)

- ShowDialog does not appear in map view.(MAIN-5235 )

- radius value set in the response overrules value of radius provided in the request on iOS(MAIN-5255)


-The Google map annotation needs to be removed from the map view(MAIN-5347)


 - Additional setting page :Layer intent with refresh action crashes app (MAIN-5350 )

- Text on ShowDialog does not wrap (MAIN-5340)

- Pagination issue: Got "no content available" message  (MAIN-5214)


Improvements in this build

  • Speed improvement in loading multiple resources (noticeable when a campaign contains multiple pages)
  • Tracking speed improvement
  • support for IOS6
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