Release Note for Android Layar v7.0.2

This is a bug fixing release which has resolved the following issues:


Vision Layers:

1.Action is triggered every time when user taps an augment, even if autoTriggerOnly is set to true.(Main-5249)

2.Replay button on videos does not work.(Main-5377 )

3. Layar crashes when launching the same vision layer using layar intent (layar://) in the web view(Main-5377)

4. Action button in vision Layar does not work unless label is defined (Main-5262)



1.Trigger alert does not appear, even if "Show trigger alert" enabled.(Main-5263)

2. On click animation is not triggered multiple times. (Main-5439)

3. Position inaccurate / jumpy for geo-layers (Main-5334)

4. Layar intent: Filter parameters are not passed in the getPOI request triggered by Layar intent(Main-5351)

5.  Option to take a screenshot is missing in Layer actions (Main-5433)

6. Wrong POI CIW icons are displayed on map view (Main-4072)

7. Sharing a screenshot to a developer defined URL not available (Main-5363)

8. "onClick" animation is not running if user taps small BIW instead of object.(Main-2294)

9. Additional setting page :Layer intent with refresh action does not return user to correct view (Main-5349)


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