Release Note for Layar v7.1.1 on iPhone and Android

Hi All,

We have just released a small update for both platforms. This is a bug fixing release which has resolved the following issues:



- Issue with wrong link shared to FB has been fixed.Please note that this only effects creator users and not developers


  •  In this release, the supported device requirements  for ARVideo changed. All Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich (version 4.0+) and above support ARVideo, regardless of processor type. This means that older single core devices running Ice Cream Sandwich now play ARVideo. We discontinued support for ARVideo on devices running older versions of the Android OS because performance issues were a hinderance to your end users. As always, if a device does not support ARVideo, the end user will see the preview of the video; tapping the preview will open the video in the native video player.
  • HTML widget does not show up the first time when it is loaded on Samsung Galaxy S II running android v2.3.3. Please upgrade your firmware to Ice Cream Sandwich(v4.0+).


Please be sure to check your Android device OS before testing your ARVideo to ensure that your expectations meet the criteria above. You can do this on your Android device by tapping Settings -> About Phone.


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