Release Note for iPhone v7.1.2

Dear All,

We just released a small update v7.1.2 to the AppStore. Here is the changelog of this release:

  • Show campaign name and icon upon tracking - improvement
  • Delay in the point and scan message upon tracking - improvement
  • fix for Layer icon/banner icon are not updated successfully
  • fix for Recents are restored after clearing if one of the 'cleared' layers is opened again.
  • fix for APP crashes when showing multiple videos on one page
  • fix for AR video does not start to play in some instances
  • Improved AR videos tracking issue on iPhone 4 while playing the video for the first few seconds
  • fix for OnClick animation is not triggered
  • fix for short audio clips do not play well
  • fix for Radar shows POIs position incorrectly in the landscape mode. (Geo-layers)
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