Release Note for Layar v7.2 on Android and iPhone

Today we released an update to the Layar App that includes some great new functionality.

- New welcome sequence

- Support for QR codes. Here’s a breakdown of the QR content supported by Layar.

  • Web Link – Displays a button linking to the URL
  • Video – Plays the video in AR (.mp4 only)
  • Audio – Displays a button which plays the audio (.mp3 only)
  • 3D Model – Displays the model in AR (.l3d only)
  • Call – Displays a button to dial a specific phone number
  • SMS – Displays a button to SMS a specific phone number
  • Email – Displays a button to open new message to a specific email address.
  • Contacts – Displays a button to add to contacts (vCard only)
  • Location – Displays a button to view lat/long coordinates in default maps application
  • Layar Intent – Displays a button which opens a specific layer

- New scanning tips section

- Updated FB SDK ( iPhone only)

- New geo layer button ( Android only)

Few bug fixes:

Android bugs fixed
  • MAIN-5384 Additional page settings not showing under Layar settings
  • MAIN-5663 Issue with html widget not showing on first scan of an image
iPhone bugs fixed:
  • MAIN-5879 : Wrong share message shown when sharing via FB
  • MAIN-5910:  FB share dialog is missing it's header
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