Release Note for Layar v8.0 on Android and iPhone

The world’s most popular AR app now has an even fresher, cleaner design and new features that make the user experience easier and more friendly. 

Recent Content  feature: users can revisit a handy list of previously viewed AR content whenever they want, allowing them to view, review and share your interactive content on the go.


You can scan any QR code with Layar!


App feedback: The  feedback flow for “nothing found” providing the user better guidance and feedback.

Welcome sequence: New welcome sequence on app launch and for first time us of Geo Layers


Flag content: Possibility for users to report inappropriate content.

Geo Layers: We have simplified the Geo Layer section to make it much easier to use.


    • On map view in geo we only show the default map icons and not the CIW anymore

    • We only offer search, recommended and recent layers to end-users

    • Other deprecated features include:

      • The grid and list view options for Geo Layers.
      • The Category section for layers.
      • The Popular, Favorite and New Layers sections.

Minimum requirements: Layar 8.0 will only support devices running Android 2.3.3 or later, or iOS 6 or later.


Layar 8.0 is available today in the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store.

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