Release Note for iPhone v 8.0.2

We've just released Layar 8.0.2 for iPhone. 


New in this version
  • Take photo

    We've added a new action to the side pane for Vision and Geo to take a photo of your AR scene. This photo can be shared afterwards to any social network or services on your device can share photos. Think of popular services such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Of course you can also save the photo to your gallery or simply send it by email. 
  • Support for animated GIF and vCards

Next to that we solved  the following bugs:
  • If filter page is not accessible users cannot return to Layar (MAIN-6917)
  • Total freeze of the iPhone 4 running IOS7 when opening a Geo Layer (MAIN-6900)
  • Crash in geo view (MAIN-6955)
  • Auto triggered action is not always working (MAIN-6953)
  • filter settings cut-off (MAIN-7058)
  • Rendering issue (MAIN-6869)
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