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Layar strongly believes in the value of an open platform and encouraging the healthy grows of our special ecosystem. As part of that, it is important for users to be able to trust Layar and not be confused about our relationship with the many people and organizations using our brand features. 

Layar brand features (a legal term that includes our trademarks, logos, apps, web pages, screenshots, or other distinctive elements) can only be used pursuant to these guidelines, our terms and conditions, and for specific purposes Layar has given permission. 

When you use any of our brand features, you must always follow the Rules for Proper Usage included in these guidelines. Additionally, Layar may provide you with written requirements as to textual or graphic characteristics of the Layar brand features. If we provide these requirements you must implement them within a commercially reasonable timeframe.

It is never accepted for any of our brand features to be altered, edited or misrepresented. 

All of our brand features are protected by applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws. If you would like to use any of them on your website, in an ad, in an article or book, or reproduce them anywhere else, you may need to first receive permission from Layar.

Logo or screenshots

You don't need our permission when you want to use a standard, unaltered logo or Layar Reality Browser or Layar website screenshot in either print (book, magazine, journal, newspaper) or digital (web page, DVD) formats for an instructive or illustrative purpose. This use must be unaltered: you can't superimpose graphics, photos, or ad copy on the screenshot or change the look of the screen-captured image in any other way. Please note that using a screenshot in connection with advertising your products or services is not considered instructive or illustrative, and therefore is not permitted.

Screenshots showing third-party content are special cases, as it may contain brand features from others. Layar cannot provide permission to do so, please contact the appropriate third-party directly to seek permission.

You need our permission to use our brand features in third-party marketing materials, such as ads, product demos, client and referral lists, sales presentations, and trade show booths, with exception of approved members of the Layar Partner Network. 

In any other cases, contact Layar to seek permission using our brand features.

Domain names

We cannot approve the use of Internet domain names that use the word "Layar" or some variation of "Layar". For example, we would not approve a site called

Rules of proper usage

Things to do:

  • If you are using a Layar trademark, distinguish the trademark from the surrounding text in some way. Capitalize the first letter, capitalize or italicize the entire mark, place the mark in quotes, use a different type style or font for the mark than for the generic name.
  • Use the trademark only as an adjective, never as a noun or verb, and never in the plural or possessive form.
  • Use a generic term following the trademark, for example: Layar augmented reality platform.
  • Use only Layar-approved artwork when using Layar's logos.
  • If you are using a Layar logo on a web page, there must exist a minimum spacing of 25 pixels between each side of the logo and other graphic or textual elements on your web page.
  • Normally, an unregistered Layar brand feature should be followed by the superscripted letters TM or SM to give notice that the company claims trademark rights in the term. A registered Layar brand feature should be followed by the symbol ® to identify the term as a registered trademark. In advertising copy, notice of trademark rights may be provided in a footnote format – e.g., by placing an asterisk adjacent to the Layar brand feature and placing an appropriate notice at the bottom of the page on which the asterisk appears. Example: *Layar Reality Browser is a trademark of Layar B.V.

Things you can’t do:

  • One of the conditions for all uses is that you can't mess around with our marks. Don’t remove, distort or alter any element of a Layar brand feature. That includes modifying a Layar trademark, for example, through hyphenation, combination or abbreviation, such as: Layarize. Do not shorten, abbreviate, or create acronyms out of Layar trademarks.
  • Don’t display a Layar brand feature as the most prominent element on your web page.
  • Don’t display a Layar brand feature on a site that violates any law or regulation.
  • Don’t frame or mirror any Layar page.
  • Don’t incorporate Layar brand features into your own product name, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names.
  • Don’t register Layar trademarks as second-level domain names.
  • Don’t use Layar trademarks in a way that suggests a common, descriptive, or generic meaning.

You can find the official Layar logo below.

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    This I wanted to now but where can I download the icons. A. de bruijn

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    Hi, Anne,

    Are you able to see the Layar file attached to this article above ?

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    Hi Xuan,

    Yes I can see and download the zip file with logo.

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    I have replaced the previously attached zip file with Layar logos by a link to the Layar presskit on the Layar website.

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