Why are my CIW icons not updated in Layar client ?

If you found that your new CIW icons are not shown in the layar client. Please check the following two things:

1) Make sure that the new CIW icons are saved on the layer editing page (layers->look and feel).

2) In the client, using Menu->refresh does not refresh the POI CIW icons. This is because layar client only sends a new getPOIs request but not a request to retrieve layer settings definition. Please use the "back" button to go back to the layer list (refresh that list to make sure) and launch the layer again.

Please NOTE that not just for the new CIW icons, it is the same to other changes on the publishing site such as colors, layer icon, etc.

If the tips above still could not resolve the issue, please raise this in the relevant section under "layar Apps".

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