Is Layar supported on IPad 2 ?

We have received questions about layar running on IPad 2 device. We have done some first tests with it, and these are the findings:

On iPad 2 you can run iPhone apps at 2x resolution, and Layar does run in this mode.
- All graphical and text elements of the app are resolution-doubled, and suffer from jaggies as a result.
- However, it appears that the live video might be displayed at full camera/screen resolution, so the live view background video actually looks OK.
- Within running layers, graphic icons and objects appear to be rendered correctly, but low res graphics suffer from being displayed on the larger screen of the iPad, making any artifacts much more visible.
- In layers that use small POI icons (e.g. Sattracker) the small icons look very small on the large iPad screen.
- Layer Icons that appear in listings and on the detail pages are not rendering, either in 1x or 2x mode
- Also, the icons in the Nearby stream listing do not show up at all
- Also, the BIW image thumbnails do not display.

The last 3 flaws will be fixed as it also affects the iPhone (with iOS 4.3). Decision still needs to be made for supporting Layar on IPad 2, as it requires a totally new design to use the bigger screen in the best way. Please keep an eye on our news.

Please note that Layar does not run on the first version of IPad.

We also see some issues with running Layar on Motorala XOOM (Honeycomb). Bug report has been created and decision also needs to be made on whether this device will be supported.

**Regarding wifi-only iPad2:

We have received several requests to lift our app store download restriction on the wifi-only version of the iPad2. After much discussion, the company has decided not to make the app available for wifi-only version.

This was due mostly to the fact that GPS is an important requirement for our product to ensure a smooth and pleasant customer experience. Even with iPhone tethering, the accuracy suffers to an extent that we are not comfortable with. If a better solution is developed for the wifi-only iPad that we can test and feel comfortable with, we will discuss it again and inform the community of any changes as soon as possible.

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