How does QR code work in Layar ?

Since Layar v7.2, QR content can be seen in Layar as well by scanning a QR code using Layar apps. This means a user can scan a normal QR code, Layar first analyzes the content and determines what it is – web links, videos, calendar events, direct SMS or email actions, etc... Then, instead of suddenly whisking users away or abruptly performing an action on their device, Layar displays the content in AR just as it does with interactive print. It’s QR with an AR twist.

If you are interested in creating QR content that can be supported by Layar as well. You simply need to generate QR code using a QR code generator available on the internet. For instance, here is a tool that we recommend. After generating the QR code, you can put it in your print.

Here’s a breakdown of the QR content supported by Layar.

  • Web Link – Displays a button linking to the URL. E.g . Please always use the entire url including http://
  • Video – Plays the video in AR (.mp4 only). E.g
  • Audio – Displays a button which plays the audio (.mp3 only) E.g
  • 3D Model – Displays the model in AR (.l3d only). E.g If you are interested in creating a 3d model in .l3d format, please read more here.
  • Call – Displays a button to dial a specific phone number.
  • SMS – Displays a button to SMS a specific phone number
  • Email – Displays a button to open new message to a specific email address.
  • Contacts – Displays a button to add to contacts (vCard only)
  • Location – Displays a button to view lat/long coordinates in default maps application
  • Layar Intent – Displays a button which opens a specific layer (both geo and vision).  You can use either<layername> or layar://<layername>. For more explanation on Layar intent, please read here.

Please NOTE that it does not mean that Layar recognizes QR code as a marker. It is not recommended to upload a QR code only as a page in the Layar Creator and drag and drop the digital buttons on the QR code. However, you are free to include a QR code in a page of your print product and augment the entire page in the Creator. Layar app will be able to recognize the entire page uploaded in the Creator and the QR content when QR code is in focus.

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