Why does Layar not recognize my QR code ?

If you have noticed that Layar can not recognize a certain QR code, please check the following list for troubleshooting.

1. No alignment in the QR code

In most cases, a QR code will have the alignment illustrated below which is needed for Layar to recognize.


If you get a QR code that does not have this alignment, you can follow the steps below to correct this:

  • Launch a QR code generator, for instance,
  • Fill in the necessary information to generate the QR code. 


  • If the alignment is missing (as shown above), change the Error correction value to "H" and generate the QR code again.



2. If you want to link to a web page, please make sure that you are using the entire URL. Do NOT miss http(s)://.

We are looking into possibilities to support cases where http(s):// is missing. However, it is a general practice to use the full URL.


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