Flagging Layers/Campaigns as inappropriate

What is the “flag inappropriate” option under my campaign name?

Our end users must have the opportunity to give feedback or report content that is violating our terms and conditions.


Who can flag content and why?

Every user of the Layar app that is logged in can flag content.

Layar is an open platform with content publishers from all over the world. It’s very hard control and check everything that it is published on our platform. Therefore we give our users the ability to report and flag content that slipped our checks.


I accidentally flagged content what can I do?

No problem, our team is reviewing all the flagged content items and take further action if needed.

If the content is not violating our terms and conditions we won’t take further actions, so it won’t cause any damage if you flag content by accident.  


What happens to my content after it has been flagged?

We won’t take any action on content that is not violating our terms and conditions.

If the content is violating our terms and conditions we will always contact the publisher of the content first before we take further actions. If the content publisher will not respond to our request, we will remove the content from our platform.

In case of repetitive content violations of our terms and conditions we reserve the right to remove the publisher, and the content, from our platform.

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